天师钟馗 Heavenly Ghost Catcher - EP 21

(R) Zhong Kui is a widely known legendary figure. He is a ghost catcher in China, conferred the title of "Ghost Catching General" and "Yama - King of Hell". He is authorised to manage all matters of injustice and helps to redress cases in which the victims died unjustly. (重)钟馗是中国著名的捉鬼大师,被阎王授权管尽天下不平事。本剧以钟馗为主,带出这些关于鬼狐妖魅的离奇故事。《天师钟馗》的5个单元,杨贵妃、三会包青天,一捧雪、江山美人、六月雪。


笑笑没烦恼 (HD) Laughing Out Loud (HD) - EP 20

(R) Studies have shown that Singaporeans will employ a couple of methods to pay less for the things they like. Let the gang behind Laughing Out Loud show you a trick or two through their usual antics and short gags! (重)调查显示,国人在消费时,为增加储蓄,一般会采用几种方法。要知道是哪几种方法就得锁定这一集的《笑笑没烦恼》!


娘家 A Place Called Home - EP 0456 & 0457

(R) Retired principal, Lin Shishi, marries off his three daughters one by one. But even as his daughters venture into their brand new lives, Lin and his wife continue to give them their non-wavering support whenever they encounter obstacles in their marriages. (PG)(重)退休校长林石狮的三名女儿相继出嫁。尽管如此,石狮从来没有把出嫁的女儿当成泼出去的水。相反的,当女儿们面临不同的婚姻危机及困难时,娘家永远都是她们最可靠的后盾。


主妇的春天 Housewives Pte Ltd - EP 8

(R) This program hopes to help the housewives of different backgrounds, especially those who come from families with lower income or need financial assistance, to start their own small businesses, using their free time to earn extra cash. (重)不少妇女结婚后,为了孩子,放弃工作当家庭主妇。不过,当孩子到了一定的年纪时,家庭主妇想要重回职场却面对与社会脱节等困难。另一些妇女则为了孩子选择放弃全职工作,却想灵活运用时间,开创属于自己的小生意。节目寻找这些积极,能拨出部分时间,各种背景,尤其是需要帮助的家庭主妇,协助她们创业。


小镇风情 (HD) Quaint! (HD) - EP 8

(R) A travelogue dedicated to the beautiful scenic of the relaxed prefectures and towns in Asia. Let Ben Yeo and his co-hosts Felicia Chin, Eelyn Kok, Sora Ma, Tracy Lee and Priscelia Chan take you to the most beautiful small towns and attraction in the region to trace their history and origin and discover all the interesting places around the locality, people lifestyles and delicacy. (重)让杨志龙以及陈凤玲、曾诗梅、李美玲、马艺瑄和郭蕙雯带你到各国著名小镇去吃~喝~玩~乐!


狮城有约精华版 (HD) Hello Singapore Highlights (HD) - EP 125

Deliver social features that matter to you. 总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。


229明天见 (HD) 29th February (HD) - EP 14

(R) Zhi Xin tells his parents about someone else knowing about their situation of being trapped in 29th February. The Ye family goes to find Lao Luo, Zheng Fang and Shu Jun accidentally stumble onto the fact that he is Tian You's father. Lao Luo tells them the only way to escape the endless loop is to open up about their greatest guilt and seek forgiveness. The family of 4 did as instructed but nothing happened. Lao Luo suspects that this is because they are still hiding their deepest, darkest secrets. (PG)(重)知新把有人和他们一样受困的事告诉父母,叶家四口去找老罗,正方和淑君意外发现他竟是天佑的父亲。老罗告诉他们脱困的方法,就是要说出心里的亏心事,并得到对方的原谅。四人照着老罗的方法去做,但都没有脱困。老罗认为他们并没有说出藏在心底最深的秘密。


晨光第一线 (HD) Morning Express (HD) - EP 125

(Live) A daily brand new News belt, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 9.30am. (现场直播)全新新闻时段,每逢星期一至五,早上九点,准时送上。


不平凡的平凡 (HD) Reach For The Skies (HD) - EP 123

(R) Koufu cannot decide if he wants to acknowledge his parents, but Xiuxia encourages him not to hesitate. Dacai is unhappy with the pressure Xiuxia is giving Koufu, and tells her she will never be able to make up the past no matter what she does. Hongbiao reprimands Dacai for being rude to her mother. Koufu feels guilty for causing the disharmony, but Baihui tells him to listen to his heart. (PG)(重)口福拿不定主意是否要跟父母相认,秀霞叫他不要犹豫。大彩不满秀霞对口福施加压力,直言秀霞不管做什么都弥补不了过错。洪标斥大彩对母亲不礼貌,不懂孝道。口福见众人不欢而散,更不好受。他感到矛盾茫然,百惠劝他听从自己的心…


我们去相亲 (HD) Let's Go Dating (HD) - EP 8

(R) Mention Vietnam's dating culture, and one inevitably thinks of 'foreign brides'. Ah Boys speak to local females to get to the heart of the matter! A romantic nation, local youths date at specially designated 'Love Street'. Our hosts also bring a friend to search for love at Sapa's 'Love Market'! (重)提及越南,难免让人想到"外籍新娘";Tosh和伟良将走访并了解越南女生的心态和想法!越南处处充满浪漫情怀,到"爱情街"享用咖啡谈恋爱是时下越南年轻人爱做的事。另外,两人也会带领一名青年到"爱情市场"寻找爱!

On Now

玉建煌崇 - 我讲你来听 The Love 97.2 Breakfast Quartet - Listen To Me - EP 6

Smart Nation is a national campaign launched by the government to support better living using technology. Cashless payment is made accessible across different platforms and even medical services. Representatives from Smart Nation will share more examples on how technology has made medical services more convenient for us. 政府近年积极成立数码工作团队,以更快地落实智慧国的各项设施。无现金的支付系统、医疗设施带给大众、乐龄人士都有极大的便利。本集节目将请来专人示范极具智慧的远端医疗服务,让病患无需出门就可在家就医!


JML Home Shopping (Infomercial)

Channel 8 brings you the most exciting shopping tips and the best deals in town! 8频道带给您最精彩的生活购物资讯!


一点新闻 (HD) News 8 At One (HD) - EP 125

Weekday afternoon updates on local and world news headlines. 《一点新闻》为您提供更新的本地与全球新闻头条。


118 118 - EP 42

(R) Ah Niang goes into a faint and falls on Shan Shan. Thinking he really has a brain haemorrhage, he hurriedly gives his last words. Shan Shan asks Viveka for some chocolate for Ah Niang. She suspects he is anaemic due to skipping meals. (PG)(重)阿娘忽觉一阵天旋地转,往姗姗身上倒下。他以为自己真如姗姗所言脑溢血,担心地交待后事,姗姗却叫Viveka找巧克力来给阿娘吃。原来她怀疑阿娘并非脑溢血,而是因三餐未进而血糖过低。


小宋当家 Cookie Master - EP 0047 & 0048

(R) Xiao Song is a diligent child who is skillful in making cookies. Apart from being a great help to his aunt, the morally upright Xiao Song also renders help to his fellow villagers when they are in trouble. (重)小宋是个爱学习的孩子,对制作饼干有天份,是姑姑的好帮手。小宋也有强烈的正义感,时常帮助村民解决问题,是大家心目中的好孩子。


想握你的手 (HD) Your Hand In Mine (HD) - EP 94

(R) Using the local society issues as a backbone, this drama depicts the lives of families of different background residing in the same neighbourhood, from the cold and self-centered to the understanding of the true meaning of love. The story reflects the meaning of how blood is thicker than water and the neighbourhood spirit of helping and watching out for each other. (重)以本地的社会时事为骨架,描述同一个邻里几个不同背景的家庭,如何由冷漠自我,到最终了解何谓"爱"。故事反映了血浓于水、守望相助、远亲不如近邻的可贵精神。新传媒艺人黄文永在此剧中饰演父亲,是一家咖啡店的老板,为人节俭,有三个女儿,分别由林湘萍、李心钰和蔡佩璇饰演,而陈丽萍则饰演文永的妻子。


黄金年华之斗歌竞艺 (HD) Golden Age Talentime (HD) - EP 25

A popular singing competition which provides the elderly with a platform to showcase their singing talent. 这个深受乐龄人士欢迎的歌唱比赛为爱唱歌的乐龄朋友提供了演出的平台。


娘家 A Place Called Home - EP 905

Retired principal, Lin Shishi, marries off his three daughters one by one. But even as his daughters venture into their brand new lives, Lin and his wife continue to give them their non-wavering support whenever they encounter obstacles in their marriages. (PG)退休校长林石狮的三名女儿相继出嫁。尽管如此,石狮从来没有把出嫁的女儿当成泼出去的水。相反的,当女儿们面临不同的婚姻危机及困难时,娘家永远都是她们最可靠的后盾。


祖先保佑 (HD) Blessings (HD) - EP 14

(Some Sexual References)

(R) It is Shini's dad's death anniversary and she brings Alice to Johor Bahru to pay respects. Daxi and Shuangxi are also not at home. Taking the opportunity that everyone is not at home, Wenrou decides to take action and secretly spikes Wending's drink. However, Ouyang Xuan accidentally drinks it. Shuangxi comes home drunk, and shares a passionate kiss with Ouyang Xuan who is under the influence of the drug. (PG-些许性相关语)(重)诗妮父亲忌日,她带着艾丽丝到新山拜祭,双喜和大喜也不在家。温柔见家里只有她和文鼎,决定采取行动,暗中在文鼎的饮料中下药。谁知阴差阳错,饮料却被欧阳璇喝下。双喜喝醉回来,与药性发作的欧阳璇糊里糊涂地热吻…


狮城有约 (HD) Hello Singapore (HD) - EP 125

(Live) Delivering the day's latest news and social features that matter to you. Every Monday to Friday, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Channel 8. (现场直播)总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。每逢星期一至五,傍晚6.30-7.30pm,与你相约!


不平凡的平凡 (HD) Reach For The Skies (HD) - EP 124

Mali couldn't find Fiona. She starts to think that Fiona may have gotten back together with Qianbei. She walks past Qianbei's room and opens the door out of curiosity. To her shock, she sees Qianbei tied to a bed! Thinking he is dead, she screams, alarming everyone. (PG)玛丽找不到Fiona,以为Fiona想通了,跟千杯复合。她经过千杯房时,好奇想知道她的猜测是不是真的,便打开房门一看,却发现千杯竟然被绑在床上!玛丽见千杯动也不动,发出惊天动地的尖叫声,惊动众人…


小毛病大问题 Body SOS 7 - EP 17

About 4 per cent of Singaporeans over the age of 45 suffer from gout, which is more common in males. What are the symptoms? What are the causes according to TCM principles? What is Purine? How does our diet affect gout? How to treat and prevent? 本地大约有4%的45岁以上人士有痛风的问题!大多数患者是男性!痛风有什么特点?中医是否有相关记载?为什么痛风和饮食、嘌呤有关联?如何治疗和预防?


前线追踪 Frontline - EP 25

This week on Frontline: "Mid-Autumn Festival In The Lion City" and "How Can The Elderly Kickstart Their New Career?" 近年来,民间组织和商家积极筹办庆祝活动,让中秋佳节成为许多国人庆祝的传统佳节之一;这个传统华族文化还可以如何进一步推广?传统灯笼和月饼是庆祝中秋节的必备品,这两种手艺要如何不失传?劳发局推出的流动职业联系站走入邻里,让居民们能以便捷的方式找到工作,提高求职者的就业机会。其中,此新管道更协助不少年长者找到工作。年长者在找工作时面对哪些挑战?还可以如何助他们一臂之力?


229明天见 (HD) 29th February (HD) - EP 15

(Some Disturbing Scenes)

The Ye family admits they had indeed not revealed their deepest secrets and decides to come clean with one another. The person that Zheng Fang and Shu Jun both feel they have let down is Tian You. Shu Jun feels guilty that she once aborted Tian You's child. Zheng Fang admits that when he saw Tian You drowning, he did not do anything to try to save him and seeks Lao Luo's forgiveness. After the family has repented, they eagerly await to be freed from 29th February. However, Shu Jun looks like she is still hiding something... (PG-部分画面令人不安)叶家四人都承认他们并没有说出心底更愧疚的事,决定再去处理。正方和淑君对不起的人,都是天佑。淑君歉疚曾经打掉天佑的孩子;正方承认在天佑溺水时见死不救,获得老罗的谅解。四人真心忏悔后,期盼着脱困,但淑君似乎有事隐瞒…


晚间新闻 (HD) News Tonight (HD)

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


阿贤好食光 (HD) Jason's Food Memories (HD) - EP 8

Jason travels down memory lane to cherish great food memories and re-visits those food destinations where he savoured the delicacies. 阿贤旧地重游,在聚散离和特别频繁的年代,再次踏足这次他曾经采访过的饮食店肆。


那年花开月正圆 (HD) Nothing Gold Can Stay (HD) - EP 72

Shen Xingyi returns home secretly to pay respects to his late parents. To his surprise, Zhou Ying is there waiting for him. Before departing again the morning after, Shen Xingyi asks Zhou Ying to help fulfil his wish to build a girls' school in their hometown. (PG)沈星移偷偷回家祭拜父母,不料却在自己以前的住房里,遇见了早在那里等候他的周莹。相聚匆匆,顷刻又是黎明分手时。临行之际,沈星移将一份开办女子学堂的计划书交给周莹,托她代为完成自己的心愿。

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