东游记 Legends Of The Eight Immortals - EP 29

(R) For many generations, many have been mesmerized by the legends of the Eight Immortals and their famous quest across the East Ocean. In this mega blockbuster, these legends are dramatized for maximum entertainment, with dazzling special effects, viewers are in for a sensual treat. Taiwanese heart-throb Ma Jingtao lends his impeccable acting skills as the leader of the celestial pack, Lu Dongbin. (重)


今天我代班 Leave It All To Me - EP 9

(R) Yi Fong turned into a nurse to take care of the newborns and experienced the hard work of a newborn nursery nurse. She learned to bathe the baby, changing nappies and bottle feeding. While Pornsak arranged a series of fun and exciting activities for the Filipino nurse to relive her work stress. (重)怡凤变身俏护士代班照顾新生宝宝,学习为婴儿洗澡、换尿布、喂奶等等,体验婴儿室护士工作的辛劳 。而Pornsak则为热爱运动的菲律宾籍护士,安排了一系列刺激好玩的活动,让她透过运动来舒缓工作上的压力。

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甘味人生 Taste Of Life - EP 0027 & 0028

(R) Zhao Ju Cai and his wife Li Jin Xiu have five children. Devoted all his life to developing soy sauce products, much as Zhao Ju Cai hopes that one of his kids can follow his footsteps and take over his business, but he also respects their own passions and aspirations. Because of their father's pursuit of invention, the Zhao brothers' lives are about to change. (PG)(重)赵居财,一生致力研发酱油产品,与妻李锦琇育有五个孩子;居财虽然希望众孩子之中有人接手经營家业,但也尊重孩子们的兴趣和志向。赵家兄弟也因为父亲赵居财的「发明梦」,人生逐渐起了变化。


大厨帮帮忙 Hey Chef! 2 - EP 9

(R) What happens when a lawyer meets a chef? Lawyer, Josephus Tan, who once won the world's top 10 outstanding youth award and Singapore's outstanding youth award, has something else to stress about and Chef Vincent Aw will be here to save him! Chef Aw will be sharing tips on how to cook the perfect seafood chicken braised rice. (重)大律师碰上大厨师,绝对大爆料!曾获颁世界十大杰出青年奖和新加坡杰出青年奖,年轻有为的陈俊良律师发出求救讯号,找来本地酒店餐饮行业最年轻的行政总厨之一的胡晖益,拯救《海鲜鸡肉烩饭》。到底大律师为什么喜欢"一锅熟"的料理,烹调过程中,遇到什么大难题,让他无所适从呢?敬请期待,节目中自有分晓!


狮城有约精华版 Hello Singapore Highlights - EP 122

Deliver social features that matter to you. 总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。


你那边怎样.我这边OK - 新加坡篇 All Is Well - Singapore - EP 16

(R) Zhi Ling's dead body was found at the clubhouse. Uncle Yang claims he only saw Zhi Ling's body when he returned to the clubhouse on the night of the incident, and did not see Pin Rui, Li Hao and the others. As he was worried that Hao Sen would be implicated, he decided to bury the corpse. The police detains Uncle Yang for suspicion of murder as he did not make a report after discovering the corpse and did not have an alibi. (PG)(重)芝玲的尸体在招待所被发现,杨叔声称当晚他回到招待所时,只见到芝玲的尸体,并没有见到品睿、李昊和其他人。他担心豪森会因此陷入困难的境地,所以处理了尸体。警方因杨叔发现尸体却没有举报,加上没有不在场证据,有杀人嫌疑而将他扣留。


晨光第一线 Morning Express - EP 122

(Live) A daily brand new News belt, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 9.30am. (现场直播)全新新闻时段,每逢星期一至五,早上九点,准时送上。


老友万岁 Old Is Gold - EP 79

(R) Uncle Lottery's condition is slowly deteriorating. Ping Pong wish to let go of his work and stay at home to take care of him, but Uncle Lottery strongly refused. Sister Mi coincidentally met Ping Pong's Uncle, Ming Wei, while she was collecting debts. When she learned that he was going to smuggle cigarettes, she told Ping Pong. Ping Pong hurriedly went to stop Ming Wei, but not long after, the police came to search and arrest. (PG)(重)马票叔的情况每况愈下,Ping Pong想放下工作留在家照顾他,马票叔坚决不肯。咪姐在收债时巧遇Ping Pong的舅舅明伟,得知他准备走私香烟,便转告Ping Pong。Ping Pong赶紧前去阻止明伟,不久警方前来搜捕……。


家和万事兴 Lee's Family Reunion - EP 0006 & 0007

(PG) Passed down from generation to generation, the Li Ji Cake Shop has a hundred-year history to boast about. However, though the Li family look happy on the outside, there are conflicts aplenty behind closed doors. (PG)(重)《李记饼铺》代代相传已有百年,看似幸福美满的三代同堂,其实暗潮汹涌。老太爷李万世育有二子,长子再传留在饼店里帮忙,私生子再兴则流落在外,生活潦倒。主演:黄少褀饰高天诚,六月饰陈慧心,韩瑜饰李正男,方文琳饰罗秀琴。


阿賢好食光 Jason's Food Memories - EP 5

(R) Jason travels down memory lane to cherish great food memories and re-visits those food destinations where he savored the delicacies. (重)阿贤旧地重游,在聚散离和特别频繁的年代, 再次踏足这次他曾经采访过的饮食店肆.


一点新闻 News 8 At One - EP 122

Weekday afternoon updates on local and world news headlines. 《一点新闻》为您提供更新的本地与全球新闻头条。


118 118 - EP 244

(R) Shun Shui apologises to Mei Mei and wants Da Ming to record it for evidence. Mei Mei mocks him for doing this for his girlfriend. Da Ming points out that a sincere apology takes more action than words. (重)顺水向媚媚道歉,并要达明帮忙录影存证,以便向可爱证明自己的确说到做到。媚媚讥讽他是为了女朋友才低声下气认错。达明对顺水晓以大义,指道歉不在乎口头上的一声对不起,而是要看实际行动。


大家一起来做饭! I Can Cook Too! - EP 1

(R) Under the host's guidance, a kid who does not eat vegetables, learns how to cook and enjoy carrot pancakes. The host and kid visit an organic farm to learn more about the eggplants. Kid also obtains ingredients which she needs to cook a delicious dish of eggplant lasagna through assigned missions. (重)不吃蔬菜的小朋友,在主持人的引导下,不仅学会烹煮红萝卜松饼,还吃得津津有味!主持人带着小朋友走访有机农场,让她了解更多有关紫色蔬菜-茄子的知识。最后,小朋友以劳力换取食材,煮出一道可口的茄子千层面。


芈月传 The Legend Of Miyue - EP 77

(R) Miyue gives orders for her army to withdraw from the State of Chu after a successful campaign to capture a number of towns. Meantime, Huang Xie manages to help Crown Prince Heng ascend the throne. (PG)(重)秦军攻城陷地,虏获大批城池,芈月则突然下令从楚国撤兵,因为消息传来,太子横在黄歇等臣子的拥戴下,已顺利登基为楚王。


甘味人生 Taste Of Life - EP 221

Zhao Ju Cai and his wife Li Jin Xiu have five children. Devoted all his life to developing soy sauce products, much as Zhao Ju Cai hopes that one of his kids can follow his footsteps and take over his business, but he also respects their own passions and aspirations. Because of their father's pursuit of invention, the Zhao brothers' lives are about to change. (PG)赵居财,一生致力研发酱油产品,与妻李锦琇育有五个孩子;居财虽然希望众孩子之中有人接手经營家业,但也尊重孩子们的兴趣和志向。赵家兄弟也因为父亲赵居财的「发明梦」,人生逐渐起了变化。


天之骄子 Gifted - EP 14

(Some Sexual References)

(R) Dong Tian fires Xiao Yi and throws him out of the Zhao household. Xiao Yi willingly leaves. After which, a tip-off is sent to the reporters about Dong Tian and Dong Liang's underground dealings. The two are brought to question. Dong Liang warns Dong Tian if he ever lets their secret out, he will reveal Zi Jian's incident to the public. Dong Tian suspects Xiao Yi to be responsible for tipping the reporters off and calls for him to be investigated. (PG-些许性相关语)(重)洞天辞退孝义,命令他搬离赵家,孝义没有反抗。有匿名人士举报洞天和栋梁进行台底交易,两人被反贪局调查。栋梁威胁洞天不可把他供出去,否则将把子健的事公诸于世。洞天怀疑匿名举报者是孝义,要启康去调查。


狮城有约 Hello Singapore - EP 122

(Live) Delivering the day's latest news and social features that matter to you. Every Monday to Friday, from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Channel 8. (现场直播)总结一天大小事,关心属于你我的家园。每逢星期一至五,傍晚6.30-7.30pm,与你相约!


老友万岁 Old Is Gold - EP 80

After Ming Wei found out that Ping Pong became his scapegoat, he felt guilty. Ming Wei wanted to tell the truth to Uncle Lottery, but was stopped by Shu Xian. Afterwards, Ming Wei went to visit Ping Pong. Ping Pong would rather take the blame for Ming Wei's crime than allow Uncle Lottery be hurt by the truth. (PG)明伟得知Ping Pong成了自己的代罪羔羊,感到十分愧疚。面对马票叔时,明伟一度想把真相说出来,但被淑贤阻止。事后明伟前去探视Ping Pong,Ping Pong为免马票叔知道真相后伤心,宁愿替明伟扛下罪行。


我的导游是明星 14 My Star Guide S14 - EP 9

Star guide Quan Yifeng and group had a great view of the magnificent canyon from the 80-meter-high crystal terrace, visited the famous artist in the 500-year-old Grand Bazaar, experienced coffee fortune telling in Istanbul, the only city spread across Asia and Europe. They also check out the most delicious street food, from chicken pudding, pickle juice, wet burger to stuffed mussels and explore the richness of Turkey. 明星团跟着导游权怡凤登上80米高空的水晶露台游览壮丽峡谷,到500年历史的大巴扎拜访著名艺术家,在唯一横跨欧亚大陆的城市伊斯坦布尔进行咖啡占卜、还边走边吃,品尝各种街头小吃,从鸡肉做的甜品、泡菜汁、湿汉堡到淡菜饭,充分探索土耳其的丰富多彩。


你那边怎样.我这边OK - 新加坡篇 All Is Well - Singapore - EP 17

Xiao Ai wishes to return to Taiwan to help Hao Sen but he insists that she stays in Singapore to handle Uncle Yang's matter. Hao Sen mentions that only thing that he can do for Uncle Yang is to hire a top-notch lawyer to help him win the case. A disheartened Xiao Ai said that her superior and colleagues have been complaining about her because of her recent dealings with these matters, Hao Sen asks Xiao Ai to resign instead and she feels even more disappointed after hearing that. (PG)筱艾想回去台湾帮豪森,豪森拒绝,要她留在新加坡处理杨叔的事。豪森指自己能做的是帮杨叔请一个最顶尖的律师,打赢官司。筱艾有些心灰意冷,说自己最近也为了处理这些事,引起上司和同事的怨言。豪森叫筱艾干脆辞职,筱艾更感失望。


晚间新闻 News Tonight

Daily evening updates on top local news and world news. 《晚间新闻》每日为您提供最全面的本地与全球新闻报道。


健康123 Sr 3 Health 123 Sr 3 - EP 11

Your host Hui Mei seeks advice from doctors, experts & local artists to show you how you can change your eating habits & lifestyle for better health. 由萧慧敏及亚洲营养专家王明勇主持的《健康123》,以浅白生动活泼的方式,带出日常生活我们常遇到的健康饮食问题和迷思,让大家了解到,要养生保健其实简单如123!


烈火如歌 The Flame's Daughter - EP 28

Ex-Chief of Qinglong Hall recovered from his inertia and took over the Qinglong Hall secretly so as to protect Ruge through her journey. (PG)钟离无泪为保护烈如歌重新振作,秘密再次接管青龙堂,暗中护卫如歌一行。

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