神鬼交锋 Catch Me If You Can

FBI agent Tom Hanks goes after con artist Leonardo DiCaprio in this cat-and-mouse caper by Steven Spielberg. 这部猫捉老鼠动作喜剧出自金奖导演史帝芬史匹柏之手,由汤姆汉克斯饰演的FBI探员追捕李奥纳多狄卡皮欧所饰演的骗徒。


童话王国 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For Every Child S2 05: The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Catch this animated tale about a doting king who gives his twelve daughters new pairs of shoes every day only to find them in shambles the next morning. 在一个富有的王国,国王每天睡前都会向十二个美丽的女儿道晚安,并送她们一双鞋,但到了第二天早上,鞋子却全都被磨损殆尽。每个晚上究竟发生什么事呢?


童话王国 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For Every Child S2 06: The Golden Goose

Catch this animated tale about a simpleton who owns a gold-laying goose and the problems he faces when people hear of it. 阿傻虽然傻,心地却非常善良,有天他发现自己的天鹅会下金蛋时,却也为自己惹来麻烦,


衰脚神父 Nacho Libre

A poor Mexican monastery worker moonlights as a wrestler to raise money for a monastery when what he's really interested in is saving a beautiful nun! 杰克布莱克在这部喜剧片中饰演墨西哥修道院员工,心地善良的他,为了帮修道院筹措经费而匿名参加当地摔角大赛


狗年 A Dog Year

A 50-something writer in a mid-existential crisis impulsively adopts a collie. The bond between him and the dog transforms in meaningful, unexpected ways. 本片根据畅销作者强卡兹2003年著作改编而成,叙述年过五十的作家面临人生存在感危机,他出于冲动养了一只纯种边境牧羊犬,而这牧羊犬几乎要彻底毁了他的家!!

On Now

欢乐之声 Joyful Noise

A gospel choir dramedy about an unlikely partnership between two strong-minded women. 本片是一部关于教会合唱团的情境喜剧,描写两位相当有主见的妈妈间难得的伙伴关系。


舞我之境 The Next Step S5 11: East Meets West

Josh has to choose between his loyalty to his friend and his team. 乔许必须选择要对好友或是对团队忠诚。


舞我之境 The Next Step S5 12: Brave New World

Kingston and Ozzy discovers Elliot’s shocking secret. 金斯顿与奥兹发现艾略特的惊人秘密。


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S2 21: Wembly And The Great Race

Wembley and Gobo’s friendship is strained to the breaking point when they find themselves competing in a big race. 威利和哥宝即将在一场重要赛事中竞争,让两人的友谊面临考验。


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S2 22: Doozer Is As Doozer Does

Wrench Doozer wants to be part of the best Doozer squad around — even if it means flopping, an activity which is dangerous for Doozers and the Dome they live in. 蓝奇多泽想成为最优秀的多泽小队的一员,即使这意谓着要从事会对多泽族及其住处产生危险的活动。


动物方城市 Zootopia

A rabbit police officer partners a red fox con artist to uncover a conspiracy involving the disappearance of savage predator inhabitants of a mammalian metropolis. 免子刑警茱蒂与狐狸骗徒连手揭发「动物方程市」市内,猎食动物莫名失踪背后所隐藏的阴谋。


亚历克丝和我 Alex & Me

Reagan Willis has one dream, to play soccer like her hero Alex Morgan. When Reagan accidentally hitting her head, her poster of Alex Morgan suddenly comes to life. 蕾根威利斯的梦想是成为和偶像亚历克丝摩根一样厉害的足球高手。在蕾根意外撞到头时,她海报上的亚历克丝竟变成真人……


童话王国 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For Every Child S2 07: The Little Mermaid

Relive the mystique of The Little Mermaid in this animated series, set beneath the busy Taipei international trading port. 在台北港里住着一只小美人鱼,有天她爱上了人类王子,于是献出自己的声音以换得人类双腿。


童话王国 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales For Every Child S2 08: Goldilocks

Catch this animated episode of Goldilocks and the three bears done with a Jamaican theme. 雷雯西蒙有着一头金色长发,她在森林里遇到恐怖的蝙蝠、毒蛇和蜘蛛,于是逃进小屋里躲藏,却不知道小屋的主人是一家黑熊


吹梦巨人 The Bfg

“The BFG” tells the imaginative story of a young girl and the Giant who introduces her to the wonders and perils of Giant Country. 这出创意十足的故事由大导演史帝芬史匹柏所执导,剧情描写大巨人带着小女孩来到巨人国所遭遇的各种惊奇与危险的状况。


神奇游戏机 Crashbox S2 11

An outrageously insane new game show of puzzles and brainteasers for kids to play on television. 本片帮助小朋友学习历史、拼音、文法、文化和单字等,是寓教于乐的游戏节目


大梦想家 Saving Mr. Banks

The untold true story that reveals the surprising background behind the making of Disney’s most treasured all-time classic - Mary Poppins. 这个从不为人所知的真实故事,透露了迪斯尼最经典的电影《欢乐满人间》背后令人惊奇的制作过程。


舞我之境 The Next Step S5 13: Tns: Civil War

Miss Kate is forced to make a drastic decision and the dancers struggle to pick up the pieces. 凯特小姐不得不做出重大的决定,舞者们接着要努力恢复正常的状态。


舞我之境 The Next Step S5 14: Stand Together Or Fall Apart

A visit from Josh’s brother wreaks havoc on Josh's future at the studio. 乔许弟弟来访,却可能破坏乔许在舞团的未来。


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S2 23: Boober's Quiet Day

Boober Fraggle tries to have a quiet day, but his alter-ego Sidebottom shows up to make sure he doesn’t. 布伯试着度过安静的一天,但他的分身赛德巴顿却不让他称心如意……


布偶奇遇记 Fraggle Rock S2 24: The Invasion Of The Toe Ticklers

When the furry little Toe-Ticklers come to Fraggle Rock, Mokey decides to make them stay so that the Fraggles can be tickled forever. 爱搔痒的毛毛虫来到洞穴时,玛吉决定让它们待下来,这样大伙就能一直享受搔痒的乐趣。但事情却出现变化,弗莱哥族的开心果竟开始造成恐慌。


曼罗奇遇记 The Book Of Life

A young man is torn between fulfilling the expectations of his family and following his heart, embarks on an incredible adventure that spans three fantastical worlds. 年轻人曼罗在完成家人期望与追随自己的梦想中左右为难。在决定未来道路之前,他展开一场跨越三个奇特世界的非凡旅程。


摩天大楼 Skyscraper

When a skyscraper is suddenly ablaze, a war veteran who is on assignment to assess the security of the building finds himself framed for it. 一栋摩天大楼意外起火,奉派担任大楼保全的退役老兵被诬陷是肇事者……


侏罗纪公园2:失落的世界 The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Four years after Jurassic Park, mathematician Ian Malcolm has to venture into a second island to save his girlfriend from becoming dinosaur bait. 你不知道,有些东西还存活着......当你以为「侏罗纪公园」的灾难已经过去了,大导演史蒂芬史匹柏二度取材自麦可克里顿的畅销同名小说,以惊人的续集再度征服大银幕。

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